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Effortlessly enroll people in business and life
The Enrollment effect!
Discover the MOST IMPORTANT skill you can gain to create a lifestyle that is both ABUNDANT financially and COMPLETELY FULFILLING personally!
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What is the Enrollment Effect? 
 It is NOT just another book on “sales,” although what you learn will help you sell more than ever before.
It is NOT a book you read once and forget about. In fact, every chapter is filled with simple and actionable “to do”s to share and monetize on your message FAST. 

The Enrollment Effect is a CHOICE you make every day of your life to create what you want  by becoming who you need to be- and help others do the same.

Here are just a few things you will be able to do after reading...
1) Look forward with excitement to the sales conversation
2) Form authentic, lasting relationships with ideal clients
3) Debunk the money objections
4) Package your products and services in a way that others want to pay you for them
5) Recognize that your greatest struggles are the very gifts that will help you inspire others and sell effortlessly 
Written by an "Ordinary Guy" who went from $0 to $225,000 a WEEKEND in less than 2 years WHILE creating an EPIC family life 
Forword From Ted McGrath
"If you want to master the most important conversation in business, ENROLLMENT, then Tyler is your guy and this book is your guide. ..
The techniques in this book provide the freedom every entrepreneur is after – freedom of time, freedom of money, and freedom to make the biggest impact possible through the enrollment conversation. I highly recommend you dive in and enjoy all Tyler has to offer, which isn’t just a breakthrough in your business, but is a profound breakthrough in how you see your customer and how you show up in this world."
Ted McGrath, Theater performer, speaker, and best-selling author  
Here are some people who are using the Enrollment Effect...

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars in high-end masterminds searching for what Tyler practically gives away in this book. Doing what he teaches has transformed me from being a guy who dreaded selling because he thought it was manipulative to someone who loves enrolling people into something that will change their life. Worth every penny. 


I have 25 years professional sales experience and have to say, this was one of the best books on sales I have read. I like how Tyler addresses the root cause for why some sales people fail, outlines a powerful Precision Statement, and offers clear insights on how to connect with prospects. Finally, "Finally, his Blueprint is a masterful template for use in closing the sale and increased my close rate by 200% month over month!

Lark, One Hour Work Week 

I have been working with Tyler for almost two years now in workshops, mastermind groups and personal coaching.
The Enrollment Effect is a total package of skills, processes, personal development, relationship building, blueprints for taking your business to the next level, and eliminating limiting beliefs.
Now he has taken all of his knowledge and skills and put them into a book. Reading and reviewing this book has reminded me of all the steps that I need to continue to take to take my business and personal relationships to the next level.

Jim, Matson Money
What People Are Saying About the "Enrollment Effect" On...
Inside Of This FREE Book, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You'll Be Given To Rock Your World.
  • ​Discover how I went from struggling to make $15 an hour as a massage therapist to pulling in five to SIX FIGURES A MONTH DOING WHAT I LOVE MOST! Page 1
  • ​How to define business and lifestyle and build your ideal business around it! Page 1
  • ​Fifteen AMAZING results of applying the Enrollment Effect. Page 3
  • ​Why the most important enrollment you will ever do is NOT with a client, and how this can change your life! Page 4
  • ​How to get yourself to actually DO what you want to do by creating a MUST in your life. Page 8
  • ​Trying to achieve what you want by “attracting it”? There is something even MORE POWERFUL! Page 8
  • ​You don’t have to chop off your hand to achieve your goals, but one man actually did! Page 10
  • ​Tired of attracting people who don’t value you? How to become a "100 percenter" yourself so that you feel comfortable charging what you want. Page 13
  • ​The FIRST THING I share with my high-end clients when they get all caught up in money, and how that can change your life too. Page 16
  • ​The two “costs” to share with clients that will make them want to enroll with you IMMEDIATELY. Page 18
  • ​The ONE thing that is so costly to your results that it is like “enlisting in an army AGAINST yourself.” Page 20
  • ​The single MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do to increase your income and happiness. Page 23
  • ​How understanding Einstein’s law can transform your business almost instantly. Page 24
  • What to do when you feel like you fall short of your goals over and over again. Page 26
  • ​The most embarrassing day when I went to dozens of companies and got rejected 26 times. Page 30
  • ​Have you ever gone through a personal development program that totally didn’t work? Find out WHY. Page 33
  • ​Why “positive thinking” is sometimes the WORST thing you can do to increase your results. Page 34
  • ​Have you ever noticed a pattern of self-sabotage in your life, like you set a goal but every time you are close to achieving it suddenly something pops up to stop it? Find the SCIENCE as to why this happens and what to do about it. Page 38
  • ​A super simple process anyone can do do completely shift out of self-sabotage in less than 10 minutes! Page 42
  • ​ Never be controlled by a negative emotion or thought again! Page 45
  • ​How to shortcut your way to success by GETTING TO THE ROOT of what is slowing you down and do something about it… Page 49
  • 25 of the key limitations that most service-based sales people face and how to shift them. Page 51
  • Authenticity and why if you don’t have it you suck at sales. page 55
  • ​Why understanding WHO YOU ARE is so critical when helping others to commit and change. Page 57
  • ​Unlocking your PURPOSE and how it will guide you to do what it takes. Page 59
  • ​Do you really know what you want? You might think you do, but if you are not happy then you don't really know what you want. Page 61-62
  • ​A powerful discovery process to help you solidify what you want, who you are, where you are going, and how to get there. Page 65
  • How to communicate so your potential clients WANT to work with you. Page 70
  • THE MOST POWERFUL COMMUNICATION TOOL ON THE PLANET, that also one of the key solutions to suicide prevention. Page 72
  • ​How do you pre-qualify your ideal clients so they NEVER MISS AN APPOINTMENT and they are ready to buy in the sales conversation. Page 79
  • ​The most simple and effect way to increase your price while providing more value to your clients with less time on your part. Page 88
  • ​The FIVE STEPS TO POWERFUL STORY and how to use it to enroll your ideal clients. Page 93
  • ​Other critical stories to have mastered if you want to increase your sales and impact several times over. Page 97
  • ​The map to facilitate the most effective sales conversation on the planet. Page 107
  • And that is only in the first 107 pages!
Check out what other are saying about the new Enrollment Effect Book!
"If you're like me and don't really like sales, you will love this book! Tyler will help you get past blocks that are holding you back and teach you how to enroll people in an authentic way. Once you have read this book you will never feel 'Salesy' again"
Susan,  Footzone Center 
"I highly recommend the Enrollment Effect book. As a father of nine, business owner, aspiring author and mentor, I have applied the principles taught in all areas of my life.  Tyler Watson is a gifted mentor and trainer and helps his clients and readers to get consistent positive results and reach their goals"
-Jared Sorensen
-Bernard Hoste
(super cool dude who's email testimonial got lost in the internet void)
Great book! The message is clear, the training is precise, it really is like taking a course. It provides actionable, tangible steps to gaining the high level communication skills of enrollment. This book gives you the road-map for how to enroll people into action that will get them what they want
-Chad, Coach and Mentor
Great book! Even though I’ve been at this for decades, Tyler’s approach and techniques were very refreshing and useful for me. I especially liked (and incorporated into what I do) Bio Tapping and his approach on the Strategy Session and guess what - it works! Highly, highly recommended!

Cevin Ormond - Credibility Coach, Professional Speaker, #1 International Bestselling Author

You could use this 1 book to take your idea from "nice thought" to successful business. More than a step by step guide, Tyler's masterpiece also goes into the science of healing old wounds/patterns, so you can clear the space necessary to make new choices and take massive inspired action. Be a giver, heal your mind and spread your gifts and "The Enrollment Effect" can take you on the journey. If you let it. 

Kyle, Small Business owner, speaker

Think you're great at sales but your
relationships suck? 
Relationships seem amazing but YOU
 struggle at sales?  
Your missing ingredient is the
Enrollment Effect.  
Hey, I'm Tyler and I want to share with you something that has totally shifted my life.  I started out as a struggling massage therapist who was paid less than $15 an hour and thought that I had to sacrifice myself and my family to create success. 

The enrollment effect says that you actually CAN have it all.  You don't have to work super hard and sacrifice a family to create a business and you don't have to sacrifice your business to create a family.  In fact, often the biggest problem happens when we separate the two.  
What is so special about this book?
This book encompasses so many aspects of what success really is. It is story mixed with skills and tools to use so that you can take the lessons and apply them in your life to get results quickly.

Although the book focuses a lot on business, all of these skills can be applied to relationships as well.  In fact, many of my most powerful testimonials are from people who have shifted their personal relationships through the concepts in the book.  

I hope you will use and apply what you learn, because it has been a huge game changer for me. 
meet the man behind the book
Tyler Watson
Tyler J. Watson loves helping cause-driven entrepreneurs gain skills and master emotions so they can become unstoppable in living and monetizing on their God-given mission. 

 As president of The Freedom Catalyst and founder of Enrollment Masters, he is a sought-after international speaker and coach who has shared the stage with Sharon Lechter, Dan Clark, Richard Paul Evans, Tim Ralston, Maria Whalen, Ted McGrath, David Fagan, Ann Washburn and many others. He is the bestselling author of “The Enrollment Effect.” 

Most importantly, he is a passionate father and husband who loves to serve in his community. With over 30,000 hours of personal coaching on relationships and business strategies, he has impacted people worldwide to truly master the heart of communication and enroll high-paying clients consistently.

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Tyler Watson

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