Learn how to build your IMPACT
while creating INCOME and
living your PASSION to the fullest
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 Wednesday-Saturday, August 19-22, 2020
9:00am - 6:00pm
Location TBA
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Basic Registration
You get the full 4-day experience   including:
  • Knowledge and application to successfully build an impact and create an income
  • ​The opportunity to connect with other people and offer your product and service for money at the event 
  • ​Learn how to package your message in a powerful way
  • ​Breakthroughs with money beliefs, mindset shifts, and goal setting 
  • ​Master your story to enroll others in their vision 
  • ​Network with business leaders like yourself 
  • ​And much more!

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VIP Registration
Upgrade to VIP and get everything included
in the full 4-day experience
  • Advanced Training on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings from 8:00 am - 9:00 am, on:
Online Marketing and funnel creation
High-end Sales
Speaking from the stage
Setting up retreats and events

  • Dinner with us (your trainers) Friday Evening
Complimentary meal
Focused time to network and ask questions

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Breakthrough your limiting money beliefs that are holding you back
Connect with other people and offer your message for money
Learn in-depth steps to create an impact while living your passion
Build Your Impact and Create Income While Living Your Passion!
Are you a speaker, coach, mentor, network marketer, chiropractor, or service-based business owner who wants to get paid what you're worth? Do you want to make a global impact? Are you involved in helping people take action and move forward with their life in powerful ways?

Join us for a life-changing experience that will help you find your message, package it in a powerful way, and create massive impact and success by sharing your gifts and living your passion. If you want to lead teams and offer opportunities to others but are still working too hard and are unable to have lifestyle you want, this is the class for you!   

Now is the time to change...  

During these amazing four days, you will participate in an extremely interactive experience with lots of hands-on simulations and practice. You will come out knowing more and BEING more.  In an intimate, fun, and powerful setting, we will dive into breakthrough money simulations, mindset shifts, goal setting, and business strategies. You will be able to tune in to who you are, what your purpose is, and learn how to monetize your gifts. Come and truly master who you are and unlock your full potential.  

Learn how to make an easy, down-to-earth, compelling offer that sells and enrolls, and get hands-on practice enrolling clients. If you feel like you are not able to share your message as clearly and easily with others, or are not as outgoing, then this is key for you. You will have the opportunity to share an offer and be able to connect with people all over the world. (Please bring at least $100 to the class on Saturday so that you will be able to purchase any offers you are interested in.) 
PS...We had someone sell their $1,000 product in 3 minutes!  

We will teach you several powerful releasing and empowering techniques to use throughout the class and for the rest of your life.     

It's time to make your impact! It's time to create the income you want! It's time to start living your ideal lifestyle! Don't miss this event ... IT'S TIME!
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You will experience:
  • Knowledge and application to successfully build an impact and create an income
  • The opportunity to connect with other people and offer your message for money
  • Sales scripts that are authentic and allow you to share your personality
  • Learn how to package your message in a powerful way
  • Breakthroughs with money beliefs, mindset shifts, and goal setting
  • Master your story to enroll others
  • And much more!
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